Who are we?

We are the first company in Rio de Janeiro that brings to the public this different look of the common tourism. Fascinated by the Marvelous City and its charms, we offer a new vision to our customers, in relation to nature and especially to their formation.

Rio Geotour has a highly qualified team of geologists, geographers, biologists, tour guides and more. Always with great joy, good humor and a lot of thirst for knowledge. With three-language scripting options and transformational teaching methods, the company takes you from schools, to customers of advanced ages, to all kinds of audiences who want to learn more.

Best of all, this quality does not cost more, contact us and find out that you can go too!

Get to know the wonderful city and its incredible landscape in a script by the main sights and other points less explored, with a dynamic and innovative look!

How was the sand of the beach formed? Why does each sand have a different coloration? How was the Bay of Guanabara formed? What is the explanation for the different shape of the sugar loaf?

Fall in love with the natural beauties of Rio de Janeiro, learn how they were formed and accumulate knowledge, guided by instructors fluent in Portuguese, English and French.

Our differential

  • Scripts in Portuguese, English and French
  • Options for all ages
  • Urban Geotourism
  • Educational Geotourism
  • Accessibility

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All the photos present in this site are part of our scripts and of authorship / participation of our collaborators.

Rio GeoTour - contato@riogeotour.com

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