Petrópolis X Teresópolis

The Petrópolis x Teresópolis crossing is considered, by lots of people, as the most beautiful in Brazil. With 30 km extension, crossing the National Park of Serra dos Orgãos, the itinerary passes by several points of geological interest, counting with breathtaking landscapes such as Castelos do Açu, Pedra do Sino, Dedo de Deus, Nariz do Frade e Garrafão. The Parnaso is one of the oldest parks in Brazil and it's considered to be the national capital of mountaineering, and it also has interesting climbing routes, including the biggest climbing wall from Brazil. During the tour it's possible to observe beautiful expositions of precambrian rocks from the Serra do Mar, where Parnaso is located, and understand a little bit more of the formation history of this rocky complex.

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